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Sam Dickson identifies himself as a “racial communitarian activist.” In Dickson’s view, it was America’s roots in the British Isles, with its strong tradition of individualism that came about through its unique historical circumstances, as well as the individualistic tendencies of immigrants from other parts of Europe who came to America later, that led to the birth of the United States as a nation in which freedom was seen as an absolute value. This is an error, according to Dickson, since the individual can only attain meaning as a part of a community, and it was this elevation of freedom as an absolute value that led to Americans losing their sense of connection to a specific ethnic identity.

In questioning freedom, Dickson hastened to add, one should not assume that those who do so are against freedom, as he sees himself as being against all forms of totalitarianism. Rather, one must question the view that sees freedom as an absolute value above all other concerns. Dickson says this was not just a problem that developed over the course of America’s history, but was implicit in the Declaration of Independence, which established equality as an absolute value and its associated sense of rights as something inalienable.

A true community cannot be established solely on the idea of freedom, he claimed, and therefore America cannot be seen as an authentic nation. He went on to say that conservatives today are incapable of transcending this worship of freedom as an absolute and cannot surpass the notion of America as it is presently constituted. The only solution, he concluded, is to realize the limitations of the American conception of the nation, and to work toward a new nation based on the values of community and upon a renewed connection back to our European heritage.

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Sam Dickson in 2017

Easter Message 2017

A brief bit of history of The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, spurred by the attendance by Vladimir Putin at Easter services there.

100th Year Anniversary of America's Entry into WWI

Red Ice Radio – Mar 17, 2017

Sam returns to Red Ice for a fascinating conversation on the history of the World Wars. First, we discuss Europe before the outbreak of World War I. Sam argues that this period was one of the best in all of European history for various reasons. We then discuss World War I, and ponder if it could have been avoided. Next, we discuss the Black Hand and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Sam explains that, while the latter was certainly the spark that set things in motion, there was already quite a bit of tension in Europe that led to the outbreak of World War I. Later, we talk about the Balfour Declaration, sinking of the Lusitania, and hypocrisy in America’s geopolitical agenda. The first hour concludes with a discussion on Sam’s plans for the future.

In the members’ hour, we continue our conversation on the World Wars. We discuss the American casualties in both wars, which were relatively low compared to those of other major countries involved. Switching gears, we discuss the hostile attitudes towards Germany during the interwar period. Sam explains that Britain, which had previously been the undisputed power in Europe, felt threatened by Germany’s economic success. We then consider the tragic nature of brother wars – that is, wars between fellow Europeans. Later, Sam describes the wave of anti-patriotic and anti-traditionalist sentiment that swept post-war Europe, and how this led to our current crisis. Our show concludes with a reminder from Sam regarding the insincerity and hypocrisy of our adversaries.

Why Won’t Whites Defend Themselves?

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has a wide-ranging discussion long-time racial activist Sam Dickson about the susceptibility of whites to a unique form of psychological capitulation that leaves them unwilling to defend their group interests. They discuss possible approaches to a white reawakening, including the prospects for establishing a Euro-American ethnostate.

  Video on YouTube
  Video and comments at AMREN


Sam Dickson in 2015–2016

NPI 2016 conference, Washington D.C.

   Bill Regnery and Sam Dickson — 2016 (23 min.)

2016 League of the South National Conference

  Compare and Contrast: Bashar al-Assad and Abraham Lincoln — 2016 (33 min.)

Mr. Dickson points out the hypocrisy of American leaders’ condemnation of President Assad vs. praise for Abraham Lincoln who waged war against a people who tried to secede in peace.

Red Ice Radio podcast

   America and Europe: Price of Liberty and Error of Equality — 2015 (62 min.)
Interviewed by Henrik Palmgren in his Red Ice Radio podcast

Sam Dickson is a Southern historian and a prominent Atlanta attorney who has offered legal counsel to White activists in America. He attended the University of Georgia in the late ’60s and was active in the conservative organizations Young Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom. He graduated from University of Georgia Law School in 1972 and opened his law offices in Atlanta. Dickson is a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens and has given frequent lectures at American Renaissance.

Sam joins us for a discussion about the history of America and Europe and the current state of these civilizations. He begins by talking about the contradictions within the core values of conservatism. We look at the chronology of the birth of the American nation, the character of the European countrymen who left their native communities to build a new country, and the ideology of freedom that was indoctrinated in those who were looking to escape the crown. Sam explains how there was a natural market for libertarian type ideologies to flourish in the original American colonies. He says that Thomas Jefferson’s drafting of the US Declaration of Independence implanted the dogma of inalienable rights of equality and other senseless notions of liberty that go against natural law. We consider the attraction of egalitarianism and the fallacies of libertarianism, and we take stock of the quickly deteriorating liberal agenda that has enjoyed three generations of prosperity and peace.

In the members’ segment (requires membership), Sam emphasizes the great potential of the working class rising up with a new form of rebellion in response to the replacement level migration occupying all European founded countries. We discuss the driving forces behind the opposition to the rise of Nationalism, and Sam draws comparisons between the leadership styles of intensely loyal minority groups and the psychopathic Western oligarchy currently governing the majority. Sam brings forth the idea of artificial belief clusters that are created to divide any racial communitarians that could be actively promoting self-interests, and he talks about the three main types of propaganda that keep people’s minds shrouded from the negative consequences of multiculturalism and diversity. Sam also talks about making practical investments in self-interests, leading by authoritative example and gets into the passivity that exists within the US when it comes to preserving honor and culture.

2015–2016 videos

  The Tragedy of Southern Identity — 2015 (32 min.)
Become Who We Are: The Identity and Spirit of Our People Conference, October 31, 2015; The National Policy Institute
  A Benediction for Heretics — 2015 (41 min.)
Sam Dickson closes the 2015 American Renaissance conference with an inspiring reminder that race realists have the truth on their side, and that truth cannot be suppressed forever. He emphasizes that the history of America is not the history of an idea or a chronicle of “progress” but the history of a real people – that men die for family, comrades, tribe, and nation rather than for ideas. We are planting seeds, he concludes, that will germinate and bloom where we least expect them.
   Debate: Can the US Political System Solve the Race Problem? — 2015 (45 min.)
A debate at the 2015 American Renaissance conference on the question: “Can the American political system be used to solve the race problem?” Ably arguing for the affirmative are columnist John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow of VDARE.COM. For the negative, Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute and Sam Dickson strongly argue that conventional American politics are a waste of effort for our people.

Sam’s writings

Easter Message 2017
A brief bit of history of The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow
What a MAGNIFICENT woman!
An eulogy for Phyllis Schlafley — 6 September 2016
An answer to Ron Paul on immigration
An answer to Ron Paul’s “How to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem” — 6 September 2016
   Black and Hispanic Democrats versus White, Liberal Democrats — 2016
Published on The Occidental Observer website, March 22, 2016.
   Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln — Fall 1986
Published in The Journal of Historical Review Fall 1986 (Vol. 7, No. 3), pages 319–344.
   A Certain Trumpet — 1996
From an address to the 1996 American Renaissance Conference
   A Modest Proposal — 2008
From an address to the 2008 American Renaissance Conference
  Salus Populi Lex Suprema — 2009    (96kb)
Originally published in The Occidental Quarterly April 25, 2009
  Another True Story of Thanksgiving — 2009
Originally published in The Occidental Quarterly April 25, 2009
  Shockley Vindicated — 2009
Originally published in The Occidental Quarterly November 18, 2009
  Race and the South — 2006
This three-part essay is from Race and the American Prospect: Essays on the Racial Realities of Our Nation and Our Time edited by Samuel Francis (The Occidental Press, 2006).

American Renaissance Conference talks

Sam Dickson has spoken at every AMREN conference. DVDs of the AMREN conferences are available for purchase at the AMREN store. Please support AMREN with your purchases.

Earlier videos

   Untruth Will Make You a Slave — 2014 (40 min.)
Attorney Sam Dickson brings the 2014 American Renaissance conference to a close with his corollary to “the truth will make you free.” He concludes: “the truth exists independently of whatever lies our rulers tell.”
   America: The God That Failed — 2013 (45 min.)
The National Policy Institute’s 2013 Leadership Conference
  Sam Dickson 2011 NPI Conference — 2011 (60 min.)

Even if all immigration, legal and illegal, were halted immediately, Whites would still become a minority in the United States by the end of the century. This fact brings into question the means and ends of the immigration-restriction movement, as well political reform in general.

Few have confronted this challenge with more clarity and resolve than Samuel Dickson, an attorney, White advocate, and noted orator. In his keynote address to NPI’s Washington gathering, Dickson demands that American racial nationalists stop hoping for help from Washington, DC, and stop playing Left vs. Right games.

Instead Dickson challenges racial nationalists to begin working towards the birth of a new kind of social and political order – a White Ethno-State on the North American continent, a project analogous to the creation of Israel in the first half of the 20th century.

Drawing on the thought of Wilmot Robertson and others, Dickson stresses that the Ethno-State is based on “racial idealism” – but it is also the White man’s only practical step forward.

   Uncontrolled Borders & Immigration: How to Destroy a Nation — 2007 (60 min.)
Sam Dickson is a noted attorney from Atlanta, a Southern patriot who brings unique perspectives to the League of the South. Here, Mr. Dickson addresses a local Georgia League of the South chapter on Immigration Issues.
   Multiculturalism and the Future of America — 1999 (55 min.)
Sam Dickson and Jared Taylor discussion at a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens Conference.

Audio files

  Political Cesspool podcast — 2013 (Link launches MP3 file: 51 min. 28 MB)
Third hour of the Sunday, July 21st, 2013 Political Cesspool podcast show. This portion is a discussion with Sam Dickson, Esq. and Kyle Rogers
   David Duke Show — 2012 (53 min.)
(YouTube, audio file:) Dr. David Duke and Atty Sam Dickson discuss the destruction of the European American community and the mechanism used to displace it in the service of other forms of ethnic supremacism. Broadcast November 20, 2012.
  Council of Concerned Citizens — 2008 (25 min.)
(YouTube, audio file)